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The middle of a craggy desert is no place to make a living. Not usually, anyway. The travelers who founded Argent Springs did so because of a…special feature the area had. There was a seemingly infinite source of water pouring out of a strange spire poking up through the earth like a roughly snapped bone. 

The life-sustaining silver-gray liquid is enough to quench the throats of those living in the town and there is enough left over for some farming to be done. That is not the only thing that the spire, called Menanki by the settlers, offers. A solitary entrance sits 10 feet above the ground and through that entrance is a vast catacomb of twisting halls, eerie sounds, unnatural lights, and the promise of unfathomable wealth. 

Adventuring companies spring up around Menanki, bringing new blood from all over the continent to this growing town. Argent Springs slowly expands and begins to depend on Menanki for more and more. Crops aren't plentiful enough for this many people. Slain monsters are brought back for meat. Unneeded relics are traded away for staple materials.

Some of those willing to delve into the unknown come back with stories of misshapen beasts and unknown devices. A few find valuable materials or secrets. Fewer still come back with artifacts of unknown purpose but palpable power. A great number never do come back. 

Which will you be?