The Argent Springs Explorers

11th Expedition Debrief

Written by Dra'Alde, apparently, while the log was unattended

3am on the night of our return from the Menanki:
It would be better if we left this blank..

Everyone’s still awake, I haven’t been able to convince them to let me cast Sleep on them to let them rest after what went down in there.. 
Gods, we completed our missions, but.. it wasn’t worth 40 gold.. Not even close..

Well, the day started out well, I gathered everyone together, and we made a garden on the roof, we’re using dog and bear droppings as fertilizer and the rain cloud is providing the water we need for the garden. It all went super well, we’ve got alchemical herbs growing, and a few vegetables, so we can make our own healing potions now, that’s good..

Then we headed down into the Menanki..
The shopkeeper lady is a huge thing of tentacles and floating eyes..
It was angered and scared by the black coins I possess.
I think I’m persona non-grata at her shop now..

We went deeper..
There’s a room filled with of hundreds of corpses..
I.. don’t want to go into details about what happened.. 
The short version is;

There was a mind flayer, It got all of us.

It claimed I resisted the attack, and was fully in control of my senses.. but that makes it worse..
I don’t know what the others saw, I was only shown the nightmare of the man we were leading to pay respects to his dead husband..
In the dream his husband turned away from him, and it was.. not a good reunion.. I..
Why didn’t I prepare fireball.

The mind flayer offered to devour me in exchange for everyone elses freedom, but I.. gods I don’t want to lose my mind, maybe someone else would do it, but I couldn’t.
I made a deal.
I gave it a scroll..
It let go of Rona and Lazz, I don’t know if my deal saved either of them, they might have resisted on their own.. I couldn’t ask what they saw..

It can teleport now.

I’m sorry.




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