The Argent Springs Explorers

14th Expedition Debrief

Went and registered the group for the escort job ahead of the crowd. Several members of the group showed up later in the day, unaware I had already registered for them. I suppose this level of professionalism is to be expected from a guild that can't even agree on a name.

Come next dawn, my impressions of several of said members remained questionable at best. The Scarlet Sister who was in charge at least made it clear that if anyone fell behind or was injured it was totally optional to save them. I don't think of myself as an uncaring individual, but it seems clear to me that some people who act like they're problem-solvers are just problem-creators, and trying to save them will just cause more problems.

(Wait, I'm not sure who these mission reports are actually for? Whoever is reading these, get in touch with me.)

There was enough foresight for the guild to rent a mule and cart for the journey.

Since the expedition was estimated to take a week's time, and we returned after only two days, you can safely assume that Circumstances arose. Our group was scouting ahead of the main caravan when we were set upon by large insect raiders. There were some armed with spears,
some with whip-like tendrils, and their leader (who was huge) had nasty, scythe-like arms. There were also some gross grub-things that swam through the sand and tried to suck the blood out of people like giant desert leeches or something.

Long story short, the bugs gave us a good fight, we killed the bugs, the Scarlet Sisterhood was impressed we'd managed to kill the bug leader and offered us a tidy sum to deliver it to their guildhall. After some negotiations, we were able to secure a price of 850 coins, and we returned to town and delivered the carcass.

Taking more jobs from the Scarlet Sisterhood could prove very profitable, and of course having another group that considers us dependable will make our own position stronger as well.

Final notes:
-Wizard needs to figure out how to cast more spells.
-Our guild's negotiator has a silver tongue. Keep him around.
-Maybe make a rule that you don't go drinking in celebration <u>before</u> the mission?
-They <u>rented</u> a mule and cart. Our guild doesn't <u>own</u> a mule and cart?




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