The Argent Springs Explorers

2nd expedition debrief, still unnamed company

Transcribed for posterity by Angus the traveling journaler, unaffiliated with the company

Journaler's note: Misspellings apparently intentional

I am told to make sure that you see this summary:
* “Where once were Gnolls, now there are gnot.
* We got meat for the Oasis.
* Quinn brokered the company a contract.”

Found scrawled on the walls beyond the Gnolls.
I spoke with the dead
* I disturbed their rest
* I answered their questions 
* and passed their test
* They told me of a fire within a flame
* To be found on the ground
* Use your boots to find what you seek.

The following section was dramatically reenacted and has been transcribed to the best of my ability as an accurate recapture

…Jarl and Felix both leap the barricade at the same time. Taut bows are no match for swole (el)bows, as bare-knuckle brawlers rain blows upon foes. Proving jumping is for losers, Aytac shifts into a boar and charges through the barricade with no regard for their own safety.

A horizontal slash, a diagonal slash, and another lower horizontal slash. Zephyr is now sheathing his blade as his cape billows in the wind and the gnoll falls to pieces behind him. A blade of blood, comes down at the ranger courtesy of the giant gnoll choking out father Killian. Zephyr manages to just barely get stuck with the blade, turning a killing blow into a glancing one. He follows up his deft sidestep, by blowing smoke in the gnoll’s face. Did I mention he was smoking the halfling pipeleaf earlier? He was totally doing that.

For the giant gnoll, the smoke doesn’t fall away, the room does. An unlight is blinding and the many whispers are deafening. The cleric advances while chanting. The sight and sound of the TRUTH that Utja wields proves just too much and the void touched gnoll falls to its knees in existential terror.

Deft dwarven digits pluck yellowed canine eyes from the head gnoll’s head. Darkiron tosses them into the air and hunger on dark wings snatch their treat from the air. Gnoll is down before Father Killian, blood streaming down the face like tears. Killian delivers the Mercy of the Menanki™ to the half dead creature. Blood, brain, and viscera cover Jarl like so much overripe fruit.

Before the party can collect the meat…Aytac the severely wounded anaconda unhinges their jaw and devours the swole gnolls whole. As the remaining one trembles in terror, they are convinced to give the hidden location of the Gnoll’s farm. The party takes as much of the livestock as they can carry to <u>The Glittering Oasis</u>. The meat is SO good Nedron immediately fights to get the team on contract and secure their services for the future.



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