The Argent Springs Explorers

3rd expedition debrief, company still without name

Transcribed once again for posterity by Angus the traveling journaler, unaffiliated with the company

Journaler's note: I endeavoured to keep the orc's speech mostly intact while improving the flow of the words somewhat.

Forrest was a good friend. He was kind, he was smart, and he was strong. He showed his courage in the field of battle today and died like a warrior and no one can dispute this fact. Forrest will be deeply missed, especially by myself and Felix. He died a hero

Back to what happened though we decided right off that we were going to go on a quest to go kill the giant spider that plagues the caves. On our way there we argued and tried to pull out that light orb but to no avail. Our wizard Dralandalis or something like that says there’s some magic stuff on the west wall of the orb room but that was not important because we had a job to do and a worthy opponent to face.

We saw some free meat in a cage on the way there. Some of them may be sentient, and some may be poisoned but hey free food. (Don’t take the momadin they may try to friend it)

So I’m disappointed to say that the giant spider was

A- Not mechanical
and B- Not Halacian (still calling dibs by the way)

She was just some cult god for some strange acid blood cultists. Whatever, it died like any other foe to my axe. We fought hard against it, especially Forrest, I’m sad to report our healers were not helpful and we lost the wonderful Forrest who died doing what he loved, pretending to be a god to scare the crap out of some cultists.

Speaking of cultists we captured one because the Paladin and the Cleric thought it was important to spare the spider cultist for “questioning”. (I wouldn’t mind Axe-ing him some questions myself). I think we should have just killed him and it appeared that Felix agreed with me but we were outvoted by the Paladin and the party killing Cleric.

SPEAKING OF THAT! While sure I did prove victorious against death I wouldn’t have HAD to if the cleric didn’t decide to steal my health for himself.

Tuckwin should NOT be trusted to heal… He was useful in the fight but again DO NOT LET HIM HEAL YOU IT WILL ENDPOORLY.

In short 
* Forrest is dead, which is sad
* Felix and Dan-alla are pretty cool dudes and can be trusted
* Renne cares more for her enemies than her friends
* Tuckwin had one job… and he did it to the food and not his allies

Journaler's note: I believe that the fighting death segment is a metaphor, but I cannot exactly pin down the purpose of said metaphor. Could warrant further investigation


Niamh scribbles in the book at the bottom
“Also the Paladin blinded me!”


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