The Argent Springs Explorers

5th expedition debrief of The Apparently Nameless

Written (and performed) by Ashe Goldwind, bardic attaché of the company

Rona’s acting as our scout, Zephyr a trail must blaze
With our rangers looking all about, we’ll be there in less than three days
Tuckwin handles all the food and does his job well too
With how he divvies it all out, rations won’t be too few

Keep an eye on the wizard, friends, he is not what he seems
His clothes change shape, he’s out of place, and blurry at the seams. 
Our scout sees a group of tents sitting distant in the sand
She points out the figures lying in wait before things get out of hand
Their number was only four, you see, which is two less than our six
We caught the scoundrels unawares, and they got their asses kicked.

We work quite well in tandem here, Rona’s arrows and my song
Zephyr shoots Rona’s back, and things start going wrong. 
Thrognar prays to his axe in vain, a paladin attacks
Some magic from the cleric, though, and the paladin backtracks

The paladin screams in fear of Thrognar without a second thought
The wizard flings… energy fish?… at the cleric Rona shot. 
I try to tend to Rona’s wound caused by Zephyr’s aim
I didn’t know that it was barbed and cause Rona much pain (sorry)

Thrognar bellows out a charge and invokes his god’s good name
I can’t remember what it was called, curse you stupid brain! 
He shouts at a one-armed bard and that bard turns tail and runs
Their paladin stands defiant still, prepared for what’s to come

Ashe rushes up to try and puncture armor
She hits back, I am the harmed one
Tuckwin comes to try and help me
Their thief runs up gets quite lucky
Running off with rations

Dra’alde takes aim at the bandit
The magic catches him red-handed
He’s limping now, but still runs
Rona’s shot makes sure he’s done

Zephyr charges the holy knight
With a sword attempts to end the fight
Thrognar kicks with all his might
But wait, something here’s not right

She sees what is coming, though
She rolls her body to deflect the blows
A tangle of bodies fall to the floor
The paladin is not moving anymore

The wizard goes to pickpocket corpses
Finds amulets made from sharks, not horses
He hands one to Rona to protect from sandshark attack
While the helpful Paladin sneezes into the wound on her baaaaaaack

Sand sharks appear to slake their hunger
We drive them out and they pull the corpses under
Tracks lead out to the distant tents
We follow the bard to where he went
Things are tense, the bard’s not happy
Having one arm and looking scrappy
In an effort to mend fences
Ashe offers a job writing about adven-tures

He says “I’m Corbin. Come back in few days to come get me”
He and his friends are the last of their comp’ny
They failed their quest and for that were banished
From the memory of the town they vanished

They can join us on our fledgling venture
Freeing up Ashe to go on more ad-ventures
She leaves them with some rations from her own stash
Paladin gives Throg a small shield with which to bash

Early the second morning of our outing
We awake to Lang barking and Rona shouting
Something’s begun in our camp encroaching
Looks like we have sand sharks approaching!

Those with the necklaces make a barrier
Ashe leaps out to strike a scaly harrier
This isn’t the best way to start fighting, 
Forgetting that sharks are made for biting

Thrognar prays, his axe does glow
The sharks pay as he rains down blows. 
Tuckwin tosses Ashe a necklace
She jams it in the shark’s soft weak place

Zephyr tries to slice with his rapier
No! It’s for poking, not cutting paper!
The shark sends him sprawling and he lands on his ass
Rona calms it down with an arrow; good shot, lass!

Zephyr always seems to act on a lark
Look, like now, he’s roped a sand shark?
It’s charging to the wizard, he may be soon dead
Nope, it just tail whipped him in the head

Thrognar finishes the shark chewing Ashe
She lays on the sand till the shock has gone past
Zephyr has better control on the wild beast
We get it to pull us up north and not east

We pull up to the magic school now
There’s an oasis and wizards and spells all a-round
We get a map that shows where the books be
This doesn’t make any sense to me

We train with the wizards and learn some new things
Dra’Alde whisks us home on his mind’s wings
Teleporting seems fun, but we advise you to refrain
It involves transmuting your body into pure pain

We have the tools now we need for this quest
Should go back soon, but for now we should rest
Please go get Corbin and the holy lady knight
No one should have to live in the deserts of fright

So ends the tale, if you need more info ask Ashe
She has more detailed notes on what passed
Just remember that requests may take time
It’s sometimes hard to find words that do rhyme



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