The Argent Springs Explorers

6th Expedition Debrief

Transcribed and redacted by Ashe Goldwind

Mission Notes for Argent Springs notice board
Completed by The Nameless
Contracted by Aurora Frank of the Alabaster Stein
Task code name “Need Protection from Protection”

Notes compiled through Observations by: Dra’alde, Lamberton Cooper, Niamh, Renne Dukom, Rona Ironheel, Thrognar

Collated by Renne Dukom

This task involved removing the threat of extortion from the Alabaster Stein and its owner, Aurora Frank. The information given through the notice board was somewhat sparse, but from the wording of it the implication was that these activities had been going on for some time now. The first order of business was for us to visit the establishment and establish contact with Ms. Stein, both to inform her of our interest as well as to get any additional information we could from her.

Before we arrived it was decided that the best way to start would be for one of our wizards to turn our warrior invisible so that she could keep watch on the entryway without being observed. This turned out quite well, and she was able to perform this task competently while the rest of us proceeded inside.

As we questioned Aurora Frank about the extortionists she was noticeably distraught, this threat being close to running her out of business entirely. According to her one night she had to throw out some patrons for rowdiness. The next day when she came to open the bar many tables and chairs were smashed, and she was threatened that this would happen again if she didn’t pay. Some other adventurers were present that day and she hired them to protect the bar, but it turned out they were working with the first group and simply took the money then joined their compatriots. While she didn’t know any of their names she did have some good, if vague, information about the perpetrators.

-A man over 7.5’ tall
-Some other contact outside who never entered the building

In addition to these she thought there might be more in their group, totaling about 10 people in all. As of the time we were talking with her the last time they had come and demanded money was four days ago, and while she did not know when they would come again it seemed imminent in her mind.


With the information from Ms. Frank in hand we devised a plan to divide into two groups. Group one would conspicuously leave the establishment carrying a large bundle of the week’s earnings. One member (Renne) would be out in front with the money, and following somewhat far behind would be Dra’alde and Rona’s dog Lang. The intention of this group would be to draw out the extortionists, pulling them away from the bar as to avoid any collateral damage. The second group would stay behind and act as bar patrons, waiting for anyone to arrive directly.

(As of this point I have left the bar and begun my patrol around the exterior. All information below on what occurred within the bar itself and from Niamh until the full group reunites is from statements taken from group two after the fact. -Renne)

Group two, consisting of Lamberton, Niamh, Rona, and Thrognar took their stations within the bar itself. Niamh would stay outside, still invisible, and keep watch while the others sat at a table acting inconspicuous. After some amount of time a suspicious character arrived and approached Ms. Stein, and due to their conversation causing her visible distress group two surmised that this was one of the extortionists. Lamberton approached and cast a charm spell on the suspect, drawing him away from the bar and bringing him back to their table. In addition to the charm spell the group bought many drinks in order to get him to talk about his compatriots, and in the process they learned his name, REDACTED, as well as information that implied that he himself had been coerced into performing these tasks.

At this time there was a suspicious lookout just outside, peering through the window. When the charm spell was cast on REDACTED this lookout left their position and proceeded away from the bar through town. Niamh chose to follow behind. At some point the lookout came into view of Dra’alde and Lang, and they informed Renne that they would be following. She returned to the bar to store the money safely then followed the trail being left to a spot just across the street from a small alleyway, reuniting with Dra’alde and Lang who confirmed that an elven woman was inside at the far end and was likely one of the extortionists.

Since she was invisible Niamh was able to go into the alley without being spotted. The elf just sat there doing nothing for a while then said a long weird word and clapped her hands and the walls opened then some people came out. Niamh then went inside while the door was open and it was pretty dark in there but she found a ledger but it was too dark to read it so she just kept going. That’s it.

Back at the bar the group had gotten as much information out of REDACTED that they were able, and convinced him that they had obtained the payment from Ms. Frank already. Having no further reason to stay, REDACTED led them out of the bar and through the town towards the same alley group one was already stationed at. When the group arrived several of them were in no condition to be stealthy and so a direct approach was decided upon.

At the entrance to the alley we spotted four figures. An elf woman in full plate mail, wielding a giant sword. A tall, very muscular man. REDACTED. After an initial ultimatum was declared the elf, who seemed to be the group’s leader, declined to surrender or to stop extorting the Alabaster Stein and attacked.

After the dark hallway went for a while Niamh found another door and pushed it open then there was fighting outside so she came to help.

During the fight Niamh utilized one of the vials, the red one, to give herself more strength. While this did assist in incapacitating the elf, upon which the rest of the extortionists surrendered, afterwards she was still enraged. Rona attempted to wrestle her to the ground and was instead thrown against the far wall, becoming badly injured but fortunately not anything that couldn’t be recovered from. At this point Niamh regained her senses.

The terms of surrender the large man asked for were that he and the elf would come with us if the others were released. After being questioned and responding truthfully that they would not continue these actions against the Alabaster Stein or Aurora Frank the REDACTED and the REDACTED were released.

Soon after the town watch arrived, taking the elf and the large man into custody. After a quick look around the alley and the attached hideout we then returned to the Alabaster Stein to relay the news to Ms. Frank, who thanked us profusely while giving us our agreed-upon payment.

-Renne Dukom, Observer for Our Lady The Light’s Steward Kel Fa, God of Order

~Editor's note: 'Redacted' means 'removed'



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