The Argent Springs Explorers

7th Journey Recap

Written by Corbin, new scribe of the company

Wizards Log, Stardate random number point seven. (What?)

We agreed to undertake a journey in the defense of a water convoy heading to the west, it seemed a simple enough matter.. how little we knew.
Thrognar is very persuasive, and convinced Milton to pay us 240 gold rather than the initially offered 150. (40 gold per person)

Thrognar is also terrible at names, and called him WInston for the entire trip, and has thus destroyed any hope we have of working with the desert dogs again in the near to mid term.
We managed to intercept a gnoll ambush slightly before sunset on the first day.
Our druids were magnificent to watch, one changing into a boar piglet and the other into a sandshark, they were quite the duo, one distracting and the other murdering.
Other things happened in the fight, we weren’t at our best, but we made it through alive.
Upon returning to the caravan we found it abandoned by the 4 Desert Dogs, the story told by the 3 who returned sounded hollow to our more cynical members, they went to find the body, Tuckwin spoke with the corpse, presumably a spell granted by Quom.

Turns out Lee and.. whoever it is that died, I never caught their name, were members of a death cult offshoot of the Quom Church, the dead member willingly allowed their own ritual sacrificed for.. something, nobody ever asked what the ritual was meant to accomplish..

The rest of the voyage was largely uneventful, Tuckwin tried to convert Lee away from the cult, but that didn’t work, and angered Milton to the breaking point as Thrognar was in the middle of calling him Winston again at the same moment Tuckwin frightened Lee beyond all rationality.
..and then when we arrived outside of town, we found it in the clutches of a large number of other members of the cult (15? 20?), who were intent on killing everyone who was part of the caravan.. we traded Lee for the Desert Dog who had gone into town first and been captured.
Then we attempted to negotiate a non-hostile resolution..

This is us however, and so negotations broke down and I was given the nod, and was the first to strike out in violence, I launched a fireball at the initial 3 cultists.. I channeled the spell through the Leech Blade.. it stabilized my spell, cut into my hand, and struck with force enough to leave but blackened sizzling skeletal remains.. Unfortunately, Tuckwin was caught in the edge of the blast along with the culstists, luckily, he survived, much worse for the wear. (Why did he give me the nod if he wasn’t going to back away while I cast?) 
Then there was a moose, and arrows and chaos, I.. did not get a good look at what transpired in the battle.

Near the end of the battle, Rona was getting attacked from all sides by the final 4 cultists, Tuckwin was nearby and had let me know earlier he could have Quom protect someone once (apparently not himself for some reason?), so I let fly another fireball, centered on Rona, Quoms blessing shielded her in a bubble of water and allowed the cultists around her to burn to cinder.
…. unfortunately, the Leech blade reached out to her through the lick of the flames and did something to her, I had not expected it to corrupt at a distance, assuming myself to be the only one in any danger from its use.. and even then, only if it actually fed upon the blood of another.. 
Rona admitted to having become sensitive to light, acquiring a thirst regular liquids and potions could not quench, and that Thrognars attempt to heal her was completely ineffective.
I have to find a way to fix this, maybe the wizards at the tower can help.. once we retrieve their books for them, I’ll need leverage if I don’t want their suggestion to be to burn her.
Feeling the need to do some actual good, I found the poorest seeming part of town (that had only received one barrel of water to be shared among many dwellings), and had the arcane nimbus I conjured days earlier fill up a few more of their barrels, a small elven child, perhaps female, smiled at me through a window when she saw me.. it eased my guilt for a short while.
We returned to Argent Springs without further issue, with plans to destroy the Leech Blade, or at least, place it into a barrel of holy water and leave it to rot.

Unfortunately, when I woke the next morning with plans to collect the required quantities of holy water, I found that the blade was missing, and I don’t believe it has a means of self locomotion.. I fear she may have taken it, and that it may have done more to her than we know.
I am setting off for the tower at first light, I hope the others will join me in securing the aid of the wizards.

Oh, that last bit probably shouldn’t be in the official log. nor should this bit.. I hope someone else remembers the events more clearly with less guilt coloring their recollection.



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