The Argent Springs Explorers

9th Expedition Debrief

Transcribed by Ashe Goldwind the ever useful

[Father Killian approached me with news of their recent trip into the Menanki. I figured I would write it down and give our other STILL VERY USEFUL DON'T KICK HIM OUT scribe a break]

* When we arrived, the Greencloaks were hauling a bunch of stuff out of Menanki on approach.

* The Greencloak leader that’s some elf with a ton of feathers in his hair disrespects us, takes Thrognar aside and warns him someone killed a Greencloak, wanted to be sure his group wasn’t associating with the wrong people (Might have been a warning to turn them over) Niamh tries to get physical, but the elf knocks her ass down. Greencloaks have some magic way down to the lower floors, unknown mechanism.

* Recreated ritual in mirror room, Killian falls down, is blinded by lights. [So a perfect recreation, if what I was told by REDACTED is true!]

* Explored some halls, disused, abandoned materials.

* Thrognar is no nonsense, guides us directly towards Halcyon.

* Halcyon is a large artifice, 3 legged monstrosity with stinger. Jarl charges in and goes for the eyes. Stuck by tail. Niamh charges in as well, takes off a leg. Thrognar, less successful, almost gets harpooned.

* Best Ranger Laz (blessed by the Menanki,) [[He said this, not me. Sorry, Rona + Zephyr!]] puts two arrows successively through the eye of an artifice cat that responds to Halcyon’s cry. Killian hacks at creature with some success, gets thigh lacerated.

* Thrognar, Jarl, and Niamh set Keg of Dwarven Ale to blow up Halcyon, the latter two then make quick work of the other cat. As Killian charges in to help, the death throes of the cat he and Laz destroyed embeds 2 circular blades into his back, knocking him prone.

* Halcyon is blown to hell. The cats are melted. Hair is singed and flesh is scorched. 2 more solid blows lay Halcyon low.

* Find a strange metal door in the cavern. Killian’s key unlocks it.

* Inside is a strange room filled with obelisks and an otherwordly light. Thrognar attempts to move an obelisk, but is dissuaded by sparks and the strange vines that root them to the floor. Killian admonishes him for disturbing the holy site.

* Find a glass portal and some mechanism. With great difficulty, the adventurers work the device. It appears to be some sort of ancient device for bankers to divine with the gods. By repeating the holy mantra of “Processing” and avoiding the corruption that laid the mighty hero Day-ta-base low, receive a “Level Too Injector”, an artifact which is used to create Marks of Devotion to Menanki. Jarl digs his Mark out by hand before drinking a health potion. [Killian's hands were clenched tightly remembering the digging. Mad? Grossed out?]

* Further exploration of the caves reveals nests for the cats and the remains of many victims. Obtain several black coins from a spine, Niamh gets a new boot, there is also another dagger. Dressing the cats, Killian finds a magical component for the wizards. It appears to be a barrel with a sun radiating light on it. Bears further investigation, likely will be another artifact for display in the church.

* More caves. Find chests full of tools, some obvious, some strange. Many are taken. Niamh finds a new holy book and brings it to Killian’s attention. Joyous cries of “Processing” ring through the complex.

* Find a tight corridor. The way is blocked by masterfully crafted plate. Thrognar claims it. Finds it is scored and punctured in the chest. No helmet, and there is a headless body still in the armor.



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