Leech Blade

Potentially Sentient Health Draining Dagger

weapon (melee)

Weight: 1, Found: Menanki, Level 1, Dark Altar of Spider Cultists.
1 Piercing Damage ?
Leech: 6- on hack and slash it’s going to pull a d4 from you and give it to your target. Maybe twice that, depending on the particular target. On a 7
you get a d4 of health back. If it feeds enough times it will grow.

The Dagger has been fed 5 times that Dra’alde knows of, and turned mostly into a short sword.

Location: Unknown to most of the guild.

Out of Character Information:
The Blade has been fed 7 times, and is now fully a Short Sword.
Unknown effect on bonus piercing damage.
Other abilities have been uncovered, but I’m not going to spoil the terrible truth.


Previous Owners:
Some acid filled Spider Cultists on the 1st Floor of the Menanki.

It has the ability to let its wielder know that it enjoys draining health.. and really wants you to do better about being the one being healed and not injured.)

The Leech Enchantment has been shown to make Rona Sensitive to Sunlight, Caused healing to function at a diminished capacity, and has caused a thirst that regular liquids cannot quench.

It IS Evil, Capital E, Evil.

Currently in the possession of Dra’alde. Unknown (Current Theory; Rona Totally Stole It.)
Anyone going on a mission without him is welcome to borrow it. But will be questioned at length afterwards about anything the dagger may have said, and any side effects its use has caused.

Once he has a clearer picture of the drawbacks of the weapon, he may be willing to transfer ownership to a more stabby guildmate, or destroy it should the side effects be deemed too high.

Leech Blade

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