The Argent Springs Explorers

10th Expedition Debrief

Transcribed from conversation by Corbin

Warden’s Log

We started this adventure splitting the party. Dra’alde and Laz took to the library, where they recruited the sociologist Eustace. Meanwhile Me(Zephyr is speaking) and Niahm took on the task of making a striking first impression with the Author.

Travel was easy, we traded tales with the author, and he documented our exploits in great detail…I think?He certainly wrote a lot,. On the dusk of the fourth day Lazz pointed out that another party was ahead of us.
We pushed through the night and caught up with them.
Eustace told us that if we took out Beatrice, their rival, there would be extra reward for us. I notched my bow, took aim, and got thrown off by Niamh, who apparently has gained a great need to protect the lives of People-Not-in-the-Party. The short orc managed to strike a deal with the cowards in Beatrice’s party and we agreed to a race to the top of the Mountain.

And oh, what a race it was. Dra’alde used the cloud to stymie their progress. Theings were going well and then Naimh challenged me to a bet. I decided she’d be no match for me with a handicap I strapped the author to my back and took off. However I was no match for the Fighter's guide, and with a flash I lost my footing and fell. Thankfully, I suffered no damage. However the chum on my back did not do as well. I called upon the Blessing of the Shark, that our squishy bard would recover. When I resumed my climb I though they were doing better but, it appears I may have misjudged. Death is greedy. And holds fast to those which she claims. <u>[Editor's note. I like this. Should work into a poem]</u>

For all their base cunning, Niamh fell shortly after me smashing their ale. I took little solace in this as I resumed climbing in earnest. Meanwhile Dra’lde used their intellect to find the path forward and Lazz powered through.

In the end, I so vexed the Fighter she outright attacked me in her frustrations. Nearly took off my arm! Mawhwahah! I reached out a hand to Dra’alde and granted him the victory, to fall back to pick up some loose coin.

At the top was a lake of…holy water it seems. A sacred place.
Also there were colorful light and giant whales.

We received 62 coin each for our troubles…could have been 100 each if we’d taken out the Eustace’s Rival.

Ah well.



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