The Argent Springs Explorers

13th Expedition Debrief

Dra’alde Approaches Erus log of the missions events, then reads it over, shakes his head, and starts to cross things out and add extra text.


Salutation guild This is Eru to recap what happened in the Menanki. In walking climbing down the ladder into the Menanki entrance Niamh sanded on a gratereached the bottom first and something on her arm The Room started talking to her after a few seconds she
was turned into liquid and fell through the grate. (magic!!!) (I’m not sure that it is.) The next that went into the magic was Dra ‘Alde was after Rona rushed in behind him.
I was next and last was Lomaine (Almost had a mushroom on my head) Also we have these black thing in our arms that talk to us.
We realized we’d forgotten to talk to our contact at the Sapphire Council for the location of our target, so Dra’alde returned to town, got the information we required, and rejoined the party.
According to Dra ‘Alde upon his return from the Sapphire council (I assume this is what you meant, otherwise I must tell you, I’m not part of the Sapphire Council.. I am part of this guild, and the Mages Tower that is located 3 days north of Argent Springs) we have to get rid of a thing that has been blocking the relic room and we got directions
to the area. For our first stop we ended up finding a hallway were two skulls were melted except the skin. I decided to run into the hallway 
and lead the way. (Good news I found the right path bad news lost leather armor in some sort of wire). (I am saddened you did not mention rolling the corpse heads down the hallway to trigger traps before you ran in and lost your shirt)
After becoming shirtless Lomaine became a hummingbird was glowing do to Dra ‘Alde (once again love the magic’s) Niamh figured out the puzzle to the mirror. (She is so smart!) I once again Decided to take action and
led the way into the wavy mirror nothing happened on the other side. We walking into a room with very strange things on the table and 
wheeled chair and tables. Niamh took to chairs with her while Rona turned into an owl. (she looked a lomaine with hungry maybe because he is half bird half vegetable)
Rona says there were beeping but we said we would get it on the way back. The group went into a room south and found a (Magic!!) (It’s not magic) talking thing!
Niamh communicating with it by taping a thing (The magic voice seemed nice) we asked it questions and it says it was the Menanki? 
After talking to ( magic (still not magic) voice Menanki) Niamh rolled one of the chairs down the south hallway and it exploded I was hit (didn’t hurt so bad)
When that happen we all deiced that was a bad way anyway and went west were I found a Dagger that may or may not be trapped!
The rest of the group Searched the roomed and found a thing with the letter OFFE (Whatever that means). Dra’adle has a magical sense that the room to the 
west of us is (contained something) magical. But we went south and According to Rona and lomaine lots and lots of dead bodies with no eyes 
Niamh had a monical that can see things and found a paper that lets us rip souls out (Did I say magic already) The room to west I was going run in 
but Niamh decided to roll the rolling chair in and it caught on fire so Dra’adle did an amazing fire ball but it seems to been absorbed
then Niamh rolls here barrel of ale that Dra’adle gave to her in the beginning (I wonder what it tastes like) but it caught on fire and it was rolled backed at us
so Dra’adle shot it with magic missile it made a hole that kind of started leaking flaming ale at this point
so Niamh rolled it back down the always it exploded but seemed to be absorbed. we look downed in the hallway were a glowing person with a 
collar on and holding out another open collar. Dra’adle was talking to it but it doesn’t seem to talk only gesture so I ran to him to get a closer look (It couldn’t talk, but it could answer yes/no questions and multiple choice questions quite readily, I, Dra’alde, was almost done with my line of inquiry to determine if the creature had a parasitic or symbiotic relationship with its potential host, turns out, some people don’t care about the distinction, it claimed to be at least mostly symbiotic, I’m not completely certain.) 
I ask the glowing person my question last one asking about death (I was not certain) I put on the collar and my whole insides was on fire I was hurt for a little bit but 
now I got a friend inside my head I named him Leeroy (say hi Leeroy …HELLO.) So with Leeroy he says can help me if I ask. (yes yes Leeroy I was getting to that) 
Leeroy wants to say the next part (BUT AT A COST. He is so dramatic) But I feel invigorated but also tired of running into rooms of death
we went south I decided to led the way but then Rona ask if I had a light then Leeroy ask (DO YOU NEED A LIGHT) I decided to not take Leeroy up on that offer we have like two light sources 
we ended up in a cavern of some sort were a large man with a Giant Squid Appeared to apparently kill us.
We fought hard and kind of was getting my ass kicked and so was other members of the group Leeroy had some fun making my weapon burn into the enemy squid (on a note it kind of burns inside to use Leeroy) and the rest of the group was attacking the man with Rona delivering
the final blow but he got one last stab into Rona and went (unconscious or dead?(she’ll be fine) we found the relic room with a lot of books me and lomaine carried Rona to the basement of the guild while Dra’Adle and Niamh got the job money.
The next day I swear I heard a person screaming in pain and something feasting…O well Redacted

This Eru and Leeroy Concluding this report.

-Corrective Details and Additional notes by Dra’alde

14th Expedition Debrief

Went and registered the group for the escort job ahead of the crowd. Several members of the group showed up later in the day, unaware I had already registered for them. I suppose this level of professionalism is to be expected from a guild that can't even agree on a name.

Come next dawn, my impressions of several of said members remained questionable at best. The Scarlet Sister who was in charge at least made it clear that if anyone fell behind or was injured it was totally optional to save them. I don't think of myself as an uncaring individual, but it seems clear to me that some people who act like they're problem-solvers are just problem-creators, and trying to save them will just cause more problems.

(Wait, I'm not sure who these mission reports are actually for? Whoever is reading these, get in touch with me.)

There was enough foresight for the guild to rent a mule and cart for the journey.

Since the expedition was estimated to take a week's time, and we returned after only two days, you can safely assume that Circumstances arose. Our group was scouting ahead of the main caravan when we were set upon by large insect raiders. There were some armed with spears,
some with whip-like tendrils, and their leader (who was huge) had nasty, scythe-like arms. There were also some gross grub-things that swam through the sand and tried to suck the blood out of people like giant desert leeches or something.

Long story short, the bugs gave us a good fight, we killed the bugs, the Scarlet Sisterhood was impressed we'd managed to kill the bug leader and offered us a tidy sum to deliver it to their guildhall. After some negotiations, we were able to secure a price of 850 coins, and we returned to town and delivered the carcass.

Taking more jobs from the Scarlet Sisterhood could prove very profitable, and of course having another group that considers us dependable will make our own position stronger as well.

Final notes:
-Wizard needs to figure out how to cast more spells.
-Our guild's negotiator has a silver tongue. Keep him around.
-Maybe make a rule that you don't go drinking in celebration <u>before</u> the mission?
-They <u>rented</u> a mule and cart. Our guild doesn't <u>own</u> a mule and cart?


15 Adventure Debrief

Utja quietly pens an addition to the log, then walks away, adventuring pack and staff in hand. It reads thusly:

In all my travels and studies, I have rarely encountered a tale that began with so little to mark and ended so full of dismay and destruction. Never have I myself lived such a tale. Until now. Though my custom and worship so often leads me to hold stories and secrets within, rarely disclosing them, I share this story to the knowledge and growth of all who read it. Know the fear and danger is real, understand the threat we may not live under, and be a stronger adventurer in its light.

At a time in the past of which many are already aware, Quom’s Bowl, the holy water source of the Seekers of Quom, was corrupted, causing all the water within and from said source to turn to blood. Understandably, the Seekers looked to hire adventurers to travel to Quom’s Bowl and attempt purification of the holy water. Several members of Competence Limited answered the call for aid, to wit: Dra’alde, wizard; Eruantion, arcane duelist; Zephyr Quinn, ranger; Utja, cleric; and Rona, the ranger who was.

Though we had striven to proceed on this adventure alone, six of the Seekers insisted on accompanying us. Such was our lot, and so we traveled. For three days we traveled across the desert toward Quom’s Bowl in seemingly uneventful manner. I say seemingly, for much was revealed later that we failed to give its due significance at the time. The first day we encountered a group of ragged beggars along the side of the road, as one too often does it seems. We though little of it at the time, but gave them what food we could spare (muffins, it would seem, so many we carry with us). During the first night there was an odd noise that none of us thought much of. Nothing seemed strange until the morning when one of the Seekers, Jonas, seemed rather like an automaton. It was strange, but what was there to be done. Over the next night, there was another strange midnight disruption, and in the morning, more oddly monotonous behavior and speech. Yet, again, we were mostly preoccupied with the mission, the surroundings, ourselves; and had when Rona mentioned discrepancies in the number of Seekers, there was no longer any clear evidence of anything untoward, just the odd behavior. Do mark this. Had we heeded this seemingly minor strangeness, our adventure would have ended much differently.

On the third day of travel, we again encountered a group of ragged beggars. They seemed strangely like the first group, and yet it was impossible to tell if they were the same. Despite our arguments to the contrary, the Seekers insisted on incorporating these ragged beggars into our group. We did not trust them, but our basis for this was our increasing unease rather than evidence, so our caution was weak and ignorable. Thus the ragged group joined us and traveled with us. They took over the cooking, but most of us avoided eating the food they had made due to this growing unease. During this night, I was on watch when the disturbance occurred again. I saw a sand dune explode with impact and near silence. Something had impacted the sand at a great speed. I drew the attention of Rona to the strange event, and she agreed we should wake others and apprise them of this strangeness. We members of the guild discussed the situation, discussed the strange behavior of the Seekers, pondered options. Eru and Zephyr sought answers and information, discovering that we were in grave danger. It would seem our group had been deeply infiltrated by wight wolves—wight wolves that were hunting us.

Soon too much of the camp was awake, Seekers, beggars, all. Before long, the Seekers appeared before us and suggested that we travel on immediately. In the middle of the night. They then insisted.

It is here that the timeline becomes hazy, for many things happened, confusion was rampant, fire sowed chaos, and soon our tale became one we would not have chosen to tell. Around this time, Rona deemed it wise to consult with Death, and informed us that, as we had begun to fear, the Seekers were no longer themselves. In fact, only one, a small, energetic boy, was still a human. Yet Death gave us no word or warning regarding the wight wolves. Beware, those of you who walk with death, most of all: Death cannot see or perceive these creatures of destruction. You ignore this warning at your peril.

The young boy, being the last of the Seekers left to guide, became of high importance. Some of us went to great lengths to preserve his life in the oncoming chaos. It was in these next few moments that several things happened: the “Seekers” and beggars were set to sleep, the boy argued out of ignorance, a fireball was used to awaken those who were no longer human. There was a battle. The undead revealed their true faces reluctantly. They were strong and sought to destroy and assimilate. The wight wolves joined by mummies carrying evil daggers of bronze (beware these daggers, adventurers), advanced and endangered us all. The mummies sought sacrifice and curse. The wolves sought destruction. I will not elaborate on the darkness and gruesomeness of that battle. We fought in near desperation. Several died. Through prayer, through fire, through last acts of courageous guild members, through strong actions, the evil beings were defeated, but the cost was heavy. Of all who left to purify Quolm’s Bowl, only Utja and Dra’alde have returned whole and alive. Rona has returned as well, but is not whole and is in a state that is neither death nor life awaiting knowledge and care for healing. We entered the desert dulled by our confidence as adventurers. We left the desert aware of our weaknesses and loss. Mark this, adventurers. Mark the intrusion of creatures of death into this realm. Mark their subtlety and strength. I have gone to great lengths to share this knowledge to demonstrate how easy it is to miss the danger in front of you. The results of said danger need no elaboration: they speak grimly for themselves. Beware this tale. Know it is true because I have lived it. I have seen the dark creatures of death that seek to devour and assimilate. I warn you with my tale, my knowledge, that you, readers, may be stronger, honed by your wary fears, and not fail as we have.


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