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  • 10th Expedition Debrief

    11th Expedition Debrief

    3am on the night of our return from the Menanki:
    It would be better if we left this blank..

    Everyone’s still awake, I haven’t been able to convince them to let me cast Sleep on them to let them rest after what went down in …

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    [[Gatekeeper|Gatekeepers needed. Serious Inquiries Only]]
    We are in need of forces to help secure the entrance/exit to the 5th floor of the Menank. I will be honest with you: you very well …

  • ACP

    The Association of Consolidated Procurements

    ACP is the oldest …

  • FogHounds


    People you've met
    - Aeerin - Female Elf Paladin, worships Areliss. Apparently enjoys drinks with Dra'alde.

    -Shiv -  Male, ?, ?, - Dra'alde had the raincloud drench him while he was scaling …