The Greencloaks

The Greencloaks are the second oldest adventuring company in Argent Springs. They can be identified by the dark green cloaks that they wear on their shoulders. It seems that the length of the cloak is a marker for the seniority/rank of the member.

The specifics of internal operation are kept secret and those who give away confidential information receive harsh retribution. 

The Greencloaks do not hesitate to offer aid to those in need inside Menanki regardless of their affiliation. That assistance does not come without cost, however. At some point, the cloaks will come calling to collect their due. 

One thing The Greencloaks do not tolerate is being impersonated. If they find a non-member inside Menanki wearing a green cloak, that person does not often return intact. 

If you are an adventurer who seeks glory through action, and is willing to help those in need, the Greencloaks are the company for you. 


People you've met:
- Guy of unknown name. Seems to be higher up? Bunch of feathers sticking out of his head. 


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