The Sapphire Council

The Sapphire Council is an adventuring company that seeks to gain knowledge from the depths of The Menanki. Once the first relics and bits of information started to come out, many realized that there was great potential within. Rather than working against each other those scholarly adventurers decided to join together in an effort to combine resources and delve deeper quicker to get their hands on that which they sought. 

Invitation to join the company is only extended to those who have proven themselves to be seekers of knowledge, usually via some discovery in the Menanki. They are willing to trade information for coin or favors. They will buy unneeded relics for a fair price as well. 

Members can be identified by the knotted metal amulets they wear with bright blue stones set in the middle. 

If you are someone who favors discovery above riches, this may be the company for you. 


People Met: 
Nomi – Elf? Gave the party some vials during the extortion mission when asking them to not murder a bunch of folks


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