The Association of Consolidated Procurements

ACP is the oldest adventuring company in Argent Springs. Members can be identified by some form of ornamentation on themselves or their shops with a black hydra on a gray background.

While some companies may form working relationships with merchants or service providers in town, ACP merely acquires the business or individual. They are strict enforcers of carefully worded contracts that prevent all in their employ from providing any services to another adventuring company.

They pride themselves on having the best gear and the fanciest housing and living the most opulent lifestyle in town save for any 'independently wealthy' individuals who come from elsewhere. 

If you want to live in the lap of luxury and occasionally go on a raid to kill a thing, this is the company for you

* At the end of session 1, they shoved the party members out of the way to make their way into the Menanki as the group was coming out


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