Ashe Goldwind
Fledgling bard and adventurer following in her family's footsteps

Life's hard out here. It's hot. Sand gets everywhere and finding the food and water you need for survival ain't exactly easy either. Living is expensive and when your parents were minstrels of middling fame at best, you hafta be able to make a name for yourself. 

My parents traveled all over the place. I usually got dumped off on 'aunt' someone or 'cousin' so-and-so. When Ma and Pa died, though, those so-called family members forgot I existed. Once-open doors were slammed in my face.

I sold everything I had (save for my clothes, of course. A girl needs some protection from the sands and eyes, after all!) and bought a sword and a couple-a days' worth of food and set out on my own. Found their caravan after a few months of lookin'. Da's lute was still there. Took some fixin', but it plays now. I learned from watching him and I'm no prodigy or nothin', but people in these small desert towns don't care about that. They pay for someone to take their minds off of the heat and the grit and the nothin' that stretches out all around them. 

I made it to Argent Springs, oh… maybe 2 seasons ago? Practicing my crafts ever since. I'm getting better with the lute, but my rapier skills are what pay the bills right now. That Menanki sure is a… place. Lots of treasure down there, I'm told. Maybe if I find something valuable enough I can afford to put the blade away and make Ma and Da proud. 

Character Flags: 
~Self-conscious: Give me a chance to play my music for you so that you can judge it later
~Young, Scrappy, and Hungry: Convince me to partake in a dangerous plan under promise of fame and possible riches

Journal Entries
Entry 1, 5th Expedition


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