I arrived in this quaint town not so long ago. In the preceding seasons, Argent Springs has fattened, ripening in to something almost livable. The people begin to forget truest suffering, finding succor and reprieve from the Menanki's gifts.

The fools.

Nature provides; all else carries too high a price.

They will learn. Hopefully they can be taught in time.

Conal is a haughty elf (but I repeat myself) [what are you writing there bard?!] (nothing you wouldn't agree to you bloody -anyway back on track), who follows the druidic tradition.

Moved here from up northwise, where it's cold and there's no water (figured too warm and thirsty was better I guess) and doesn't much talk about home. Been in town ever since there was a town, 's far as I can tell.

He ain't seem ta trust the Menanki, but he does wanna explore it [STUDY IT BARD, MINE ARE SCHOLARLY PURSUITS!] (pipe down, pointy ears) so he's probably worth havin' around.


Studious: I focus on minutiae, learning, and study above personal safety.

Emphatic healer: I put myself in danger to assist the wounded, dying, and infirm.


The Argent Springs Explorers Phosgene