Father Killian

"Father" Fennick Killian, Acolyte of the Menanki


Overheard in the Buxom Orc Inn

"Father Killian? I know him! Knew 'im before he started putting on airs and preaching that Menanki nonsense. Buy old Rask another pint and I'll tell you about Fennick Killian.

Ah, that's the stuff. Now, where was I? Ah yah, Killian. He come into the Springs about 5-10 seasons ago now. Can't right remember. He was one of 'em 'Fortune and Glory' types you always see come out here, thinking Argent Springs and the Menanki are gonna be their path to being Lords of the March or some Vizier to the Caliph. Old Rask's seen plenty of 'em come through, seen plenty of 'em die.

Killian and his troop of cutthroats, they get their last supplies and dive into the Menanki. Where were they going? 'All the way to the bottom!' Boasted Killian. Damn fool's brave, I give 'im that. When they didn't come back up after a week down in the depths, figured they'd been lost like so many others.

Bout a month later, out from the Menanki's entrance stumbles Killian, alive, covered in gore and scraps of leather, carrying naught but a few baubles. Those that heard say he was praying to the Menanki of all things. He sold what he had brought back, wouldn't answer no questions about the below or the fate of his companions, just said the Menanki wanted 'em, so it could have them. He used the money he got build a decently sized hovel as close to the Menanki as anyone would let 'im build. That's when he started calling 'imself Father Killian, wandering the streets of Argent Springs and preaching the message of the Menanki's Will, how it had brought life here to flourish in these sands, and just as quickly it would harvest it's bounty when it willed.

You know the rest now, Killian has a small group of followers that he leads in worship of the Menanki every Toil's Rest. His "Brotherhood of the Crucible" he calls 'em. Personally, I think if he isn't crazy, he's crazy like a fox, scamming them what's witless enough to listen. But then, that don't account for the miracles I've seen him do. But those are stories for another pint for Old Rask…"


Character Tags:

  • The Menanki's Wll: Tell me why the Menanki wishes for something to be done, so I will do it
  • Zealous: Tell me who must be converted to the Menanki's will and I shall sway them
  • Brave: Tell me what impossible or harrowing feat you require and I shall do it so that I will be remembered.

Father Killian

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