Niamh has never been the strongest or best warrior in her tribe.

She was small at birth and grew up roughly the size of a medium elf. She was ridiculed for her size but that didn't stop Niamh from working hard to become stronger, to become the best warrior of her family and her tribe. Eventually she decided that the only way that she could become strong enough to no longer be a joke was to leave her tribe that treated her like a fragile flower and go around the world and punch the strongest people in the face. She is determined to be the best fighter in the world and she will not settle for anything less. 



Detective Niamh: Give me a mystery so that I may solve it

I must be better: Give me an opportunity to do good so that I may fail those I care about.

Atheist: Tell me of your religious beliefs or gods so that I may rebuke them


Niamh's Diary: Entry 1

People keep spelling my name wrong!

Hey diary it's me… Niamh​​​​​

i guess you knew that already huh? I mean who else would be writing in this book?

So I finally arrived in Ardent Springs today, its so far from home. The merchant that I traveled with was nice enough to point me in the direction of the adventurers guild in town so my journey to prove myself as a capable warrior has begun! On a side note i hate how everyone misspells my name. Its "Niamh" not "Neve","Niev", "Knive", "NeEve" or some of the other strange variants I've seen.

I miss home a lot but I'm excited to begin my adventure,


ps. I wish people would stop staring at me, yes I'm a half orc runt, stop making me feel self conscious about it 



Niamh's Diary: Entry 2

The gods are weak!

Hey diary it's me… Niamh​​​​​

I've been in Ardent Springs a few days already and joined an adventuring company to help prove my strength. It was going well at first, I was making some friends and even met a few strong allies who I even thought were kinda cute… But as you can see I am once again writing into you so something went wrong, as it always does. 
The first friend I made here is now dead and I was not strong enough to stop it.
His killers are given more chances than he was

And my fellow company members seem to value their gods over the strength of their companions. The gods didn't help me in the Menaki
They abandoned Forrest to die and hoped that I would too, but I am stronger than their will.

Death himself couldn't keep me from my goal of proving myself as a warrior. 
The gods are weak and now I know for sure that their power can be bested by mortal will to live. 
I will no longer let the paladins or the clerics of the company try to heal me. Their gods are worthless and I will survive and prove it to them.
As I write this I hear music playing…. its nice






<u>Niamh's thoughts on other characters (basically bonds)</u>


Thrognar: Thrognar believes in me and cares for those around him. <s>He is strong and I respect that</s> I want to prove to him that I am worth that.

Dra'adle: Dra'adle <s>is strange and </s>makes a lot of mistakes. I can relate.

Rona: -<s>She is weak and must learn strength- </s>its all my fault its all my fault its all my fault its all my fault. I must fix it

Forrest (Deceased):<s> -</s><s>He is odd, but I respect his strength and conviction-.</s> I miss him so much

Killian: His religion will probably kill him. 

Felix: He seems alright…

Jarl: He is strong but I worry about his sanity

Laz: <s>Has proven themselves time and time again!</s>Acted in a way that was similar to me… I hope they do better

Renne: -<s>She doesn't respect me and thinks I am a danger I will prove her wrong!</s>  she was right

Tuckwin: He's crazy…. and makes me thirsty





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