Renne Dukom
Vigilant mother of two protecting her family's ideals

Life is tough for those who brave the wastes in order to find riches deep within the Menanki. The tales of riches from those who make it out are difficult to resist, however, even if one has a wife and young daughter who refuse to let the idea tear the family apart. Making it to Argent Springs and starting a home there is only half the journey, however, and it is on the second half where one must delve into the dark passageways and then return safely where this family's husband and father fails. His desires are no longer relevant, it is left to his newly pregnant wife and young daughter to continue their family's story on their own.

Having been raised by a mother who was in the army, Renne had developed her martial skills all throughout adolescence and into adulthood, her brief courtship, marriage, and then pregnancy doing little to slow her down. These skills served her well when her husband died in the deep, her ability with the blade even while heavy with child greater than most of the guards or soldiers in this slowly growing settlement. While several of the adventurers were her equal or greater in this regard, they were too busy hunting for treasure to take time for anyone other than themselves, so she took it upon herself to work to help train a semblance of a town watch to keep the place safe.

Her second child, a boy, comes and time passes, Argent Springs steadily growing as more and more people arrive and settle into this exhausting but fulfilling life. By the time her children have grown enough to be left with friends or at a small schoolhouse the town watch has grown as well, beyond needing her to train up the farmers and laborers who were the only members early on, proper soldiers and warriors having followed the lure of the Menanki. Her sense of pride and ownership in the organization is still strong and she enthusiastically becomes a member, her life alternating between patrolling the town and raising her children.

Time passes mostly uneventfully. Happiness as new arrivals with new skills show up in Argent Springs, friends court and get married, have children, or strike it rich deep in Menanki. Sadness as old acquaintances die in accidents or while delving the deep. All the while making sure that none break the peace of this fragile area of land, or that those who do are brought to a swift and final justice.

With her children now grown, her daughter an apprentice alchemist and her son following her footsteps in the town watch, she felt it was time for herself to retire from this job she has held for almost two decades. Retirement doesn't mean an end to action, however. Even after all the years she never forgot the feeling when she heard that her husband would not be returning from his expedition. All her time spent keeping Argent Springs safe was time well spent, but during that period adventurers still went into the dark and never returned. Friends were lost, families were broken apart. Knowing that the surface is in good hands she is determined to go down into the mysterious Menanki herself. Not for riches, but to make sure that those who make the trip with her are able to succeed in their own goals and return safely.

The Observers
The followers of Kel-Fa, the God of Order. They believe that while Kel-Fa did not create the world She prevents all the lights in the sky from going out. That without Her there would eventually be nothing but endless darkness full of nothing but empty void. Because of the enormity of this work She is unable to watch anything that happens on this world She is protecting. Instead The Observers experience the world for Her, taking note of the new and unknown and relaying this information back to Her each night through prayer. In this way they bolster Her love for this world which increases Her resolve to continue this endless task She has undertaken.

"But Renne, if The Observers document the new and unknown for Her, why have you stayed in Argent Springs for over 20 years?"

"Kel-Fa loves everything about our world. All information is important to Her. If I had left Argent Springs on some grand quest, who would have told Her about my son's first steps? My daughter burning her first attempt at cooking? Many of The Observers wish to discover what creatures lie in the darkness, what plants grow in the deep forest. This is good, and important. But no more important than me observing the joy on my son's face as he was married, or the pride on my daughter's as she created her first batch of healing powder. We cannot let ourselves get wrapped up in the strange and mysterious so much that we forget about the mundane and everyday. Kel-Fa treasures it all equally."

Character Flags:
Defender: Present me with a solution that puts me in danger in order to help someone else.
By The Book: Tempt me with a solution to a problem that breaks the law in order to test my resolve.


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