Thrognar Spireskull, Champion of Mishakal

Mishakal has traditionally chosen her Champions from among the most devout and dedicated healers in the land.  This time, she went a slightly different way, for reasons nobody is quite sure of.  Her new guy, Thrognar, is a hard-drinking, hard-smashing second son of a barbarian chieftain, and not exactly tight with the whole concept of mercy.  The Goddess of Understanding and Healing has chosen him as her earthly avatar, and he's still sort of working out what the gig entails.

Character Tags:

  • Weirdly Compelling; Ask me to speak for the group, or take the lead in a social setting, so that I can apply my robust skillset and deep understanding of social norms to the situation.
  • Zealous Convert; Inform me of a little known tenet of Elfism, so that I can use it to strengthen my faith or embarrass myself.
  • Courageous Vanguard; Follow my lead into a dangerous situation so that we can achieve glorious victory.


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