The Argent Springs Explorers

4th expedition debrief, company sans nomine

Transcribed from notes presented to Holkins the scribe.

We enter and go up. In the room with paint Rona goes to the west wall and investigates where the wizard marked the map. Nothing. It seems the wizard was mistaken.

Thrognar’s divine quest, says our target is northeast.

Zephyr sees that one of the paths in the statue room is red. Code red! Ergo, the group heads south. Killian mumbles and follows.

In the room all the way south, there’s an abandoned campfire.

Room top the east of that there is a portrait of a tiny lion. We did not investigate it further.

In the room to east of that we encountered statues made of thin metal with clay on them. We fought the 8 statues and emerged victorious.

Father Killian heads north and Thrognar goes east. The rangers follow Thronar, and the druid follows Killian.

Thrognar and friends find a room with statues not too dissimilar to to the last, but these statues are better made and show no malicious intent. We designate this a Safe room.

In the room to the east of that we encountered a statue with thee spots in front of it. Zephyr discovers a lever but doesn’t tell anyone, for some reason?

Killian, Aytac, and Lang find a mysterious fire, then head back to the group.

Thrognar pulls a lever, and opens a pathway in the previous safe room.

We descend into the caves through the secret passage. In the large cave to right we find a pair of dead adventurers. Killian searches them and takes a MAGIC WAND from their pack.

We head to another room with a dead woman in a dress. Thrognar takes the STONE BOOK the corpse is clutching. The book has a gear on it…

We journey further into the caves, and find a path with rushing water. So much water here! It looks difficult to cross safely.

Before anyone else can do something, Aytac turns into crocodile and jumps into the river, a snatches a MAGIC BOTTLE before it’s carried away.

Killian realizes this is the solution to the statue and we return to that room and place the staff and the bottle in the statue’s hands. We get a very small key.

Returning to the large room we go east. Find a room with many boxes with the Hyrda logo on them. Behind them is a shrine with a lady holding a stone bow. Zephyr quickly takes the bow as his own. Scoundrel.

In the next room we found a hole in the ceiling with light coming through. Also there are a bunch of skeletons with boxes where their hearts should be. Thrognar charged in the center of the room an bellowed a challenge. A cockatrice with METAL LEGS fell from the sky onto Atayc as the skeltons sprung to life and the battle began.

* The vines into the Clockatrice room, seem to be more than what they appear. Someone BRAVE and STRONG should totally let those vines sting them and see what happens. Bring a cleric.
* Can we climb up out of that hole in the ceiling? The Clockatrice leapt from there, so maybe there’s something up there.
* Beyond the rushing river. Where does it come from? Where does it go?
* The portrait of the tiny lion.


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