Aeron loved stories

Aeron grew up in the theater. She wasn’t raised there but she might as well have been. She loved the stories of Heroes and Villains, of brave knights vs horrifying demons and dragons. She would see every play, go listen to every bard in town, and read all the stories she could about the heroes she idolized. Most would assume her love of theater would lead her to become a bard but not Aeron.

Devoutly religious she was a staunch follower of Father Killian. Her family would always go to his services, and while this may have caused Aeron to miss one or two bards or shows she would never mind because her faith was important to her. She never really saw the Menanki as something to worship though, instead she worshipped the heroes that went into it. She knew she wanted to be one of them one day and idolized Father Killian, a man who braved the Menanki many times.

She attempted to study to be a cleric but she was never able to pass the tests to become a cleric. Instead Aeron picked up the blade and practiced every day.

After all the best hero from every story were always the paladin.




Theater Geek:  Tell me a story or sing me a song of heroes that I may model myself after

Ham: Give me an opportunity to recklessly try to replicate the feats of my heroes

I am no Man: Assume because of my armor that I am male so that I may not correct you.



Other Fun Facts

Aeron keeps a list of things needed to be a true hero. They are all tropes from plays and songs she's heard.

Aeron models everything after plays, including how she talks when she's on adventures.

Aeron does not worship the Menanki but she does worship those who go into it. I haven't decided if she prays to a god of Heroism or to the spirits of the heroes themselves.


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