• Pro Points: Impress me with your taste and skill so that I might take on physical or social risk to secure your business.
  • The Competition: Present me with an opportunity to undercut the success of any group I'm not affiliated with.

Welcome to Gabe Stamp's, Argent Spring's wondrous menagerie of miscellaneous menanki-ry! …is what I'm thinkin' I'll scream at people when they walk in. "Why would you scream at your customers, Mr. Stamp?" You might be asking. And well, to you I'd say, "First, call me Gabe. As to your question: well, it's an artisanal thing." Merchants back home are all about an immersive experience. This triggers that fight-or-flight, gets just a sliver of that adrenaline pumpin' in the customer that I the proprietor felt when I was yankin' my wares out the horde of that gibberin' warchief or dragon or whatnot.

It doesn't exist yet, Gabe Stamp's. But it will, and the low-rent rubes who're peddlin' the wonders of the Menanki with less flair than this dead-ass desert that surrounds it are gonna know me soon enough. By which I mean, now's the time to cultivate the positive business relationships that will ensure it succeeds! Which it will. I mean, it's bound to. Law of averages, right? That last venture with the ACP swung so hard into the shitter that I figure this shop's gotta get me landed back home.


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