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Gatekeepers needed. Serious Inquiries Only
We are in need of forces to help secure the entrance/exit to the 5th floor of the Menank. I will be honest with you: you very well could die here. If you would like to make some respectable coin for dangerous work, head to Argent Guard HQ. Upon full explanation, you will be escorted to the 5th floor wherein you will begin your shift. Pack torches. Pack food. Pack healing supplies. 
-Craigory Willhurst, Argent Guard Lieutenant

Discreet help needed!
Hi there, I’m looking for a crew capable of being quiet and moving quickly. There’s a shrine room on the first floor of the Menanki which hasn’t been fully explored despite being so close to the surface. All kinds of ancient and gorgeous statuary worth some coin, though. Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies.
I've got hold of an item I think may be involved in this whole thing. See me, get the item, do the thing, bring me back that which i seek, make some coin. Sounds great, eh? 
—Find me at the fruit of the deceitful bush. This is your first challenge!

Adventurers Wanted!
Week-long hunting expedition coming soon! Come, join the Scarlet Sisterhood on an excursion into the Wending Woods, to the west. We hunt game, feral beasts, and bandits. Applicants looking to join on full time will be tested and vetted; all others will be rewarded proportionate to their glory. Additional points of interest may be visited, time permitting. 

Reclaiming my Livelihood
Welp, nobody wanted to help me get my things back. I tried it myself and was almost beaten to death. Fat lot of good this job board was. Want more glory? Want to make a name for yourself? Is the good deed not enough? Fine. I found monsters. Aboveground. Big ones. And they're breeding knolls. If you want to help me RECLAIM ALL THE THINGS I NEED TO MAKE A LIVING and also I guess help stop a monster problem before it grows out of control, come find me. I'm a long-term resident of the Angel's Grace now. Until I can walk again. 
-Corinne Halstead, independent merchant

Lawbreakers Be Damned
It seems that no one wants to share the information needed to apprehend a MURDERER IN OUR TOWN. Be that as it may. We will be taking things into our own hands. We have a description of the murderer. Pray to whatever you believe in, for there is nothing on this world or beneath it that will protect you from our wrath when we cross paths. 
-The Verdant Blade

We 'ave im. Pay up!
(This one is in sloppy, blobby ink)
Fool tried to take wut was hours. S'our kart. All ov it. All ov the tings. He hours now too. You want 'im back? Bring money. Or bring a fite. 
(there is a very crudely drawn line leading from a square down to a circle.)
-Tha Sand Shorks

Good Coin for Boring Work
Hello my lovelies!
I’ve got a quick and clean job for some lucky crew. I’m looking to hire at least four bodyguards to guard my body. I’ll be at the Alabaster Stein, looking fab-u-lous.
Naberius, Change Management – Argent Springs

A particularly dangerous threat to the city has been identified down on the fifth floor of Menanki. TRACHIS has been deemed to be a threat most vile unto the good people of Argent Springs. Submit proof of demise to The Argent Guard to claim the bounty of 750g.  

Become a Patron of Art!
I am but a humble vehicle for my talents, and they crave new experiences. I have heard tell and travelled far to inspect the statuary on the uppermost floor of your “Menanki”. Pay is negotiable, starts at 300g, and a bonus may be awarded if you are able to inspire me.

Guard These Hopeless Rabble
I require the assistance of adept and accommodating adventurers. Be bold, brave and, ideally, brief. Contact Commissioner Carruthers at ACP Headquarters, job number #715239-C. Remuneration rate: 295g, plus 5g bonus per objective secured.


Larders Low. Buying Meat
Need Protection from Protection
Water Convoy In Need Of Defense
Arcane Recovery
Skygazing Protection
An Escort reQuest - failed due to gravity
Seeking Special Herb
Ex Pressing to Pay Respects
Missing Mandolin, Recovery Rewarded
Caravan Uncovered – fail state reached
Adventurers of Distinction and Class Wanted for the Sixth Annual Argent Springs
Superior Slayers Sought to Reclaim Relic Room
Unnatural Incursions

Job Board

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